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Use Cases

Face Biometric Identification

Streamline identity verification with seamless face-to-ID photo matching. Enables robust KYC/AML compliance—secure, quick, and hassle-free.

Face Biometric Authentication

Unlock with a Look: Your face replaces passwords. Quick, secure, and hassle-free. Forget traditional passwords; your face is always with you.

Face Biometric 2FA/MFA

Dual Security, Instant, and Seamless. Effortless transaction confirmations with just your face—bypassing the need for PINs and SMS codes.

Age and Gender Estimation

Utilize our technology for precise age and gender estimation, enhancing targeted advertising, retail analytics, and demographic analysis.

Presence Management

Transform workforce management with our presence management solutions, efficiently tracking employee attendance using facial recognition.

Access Control API

Integrate robust facial recognition into your access control systems with our versatile API, ensuring secure access to physical and digital resources.

Facial Recognition for Restraining Order Enforcement

Enhance personal safety with our real-time facial recognition alerts for restraining order enforcement.

Emotion Recognition

Leverage our emotion recognition technology to analyze and respond to user emotions, finding applications in customer service, marketing, and healthcare.